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Spring Ocean Explorer Registration Now OPEN:

Due to popular demand, we have opened registration for Grades 1-6!

This spring, our after-school program called From Trees to Seas will take place outdoors and we will be learning all about the connections between forest and ocean ecosystems. Each of our classes incorporates fun games and activities to keep students engaged while they make connections between decomposers, predator and prey and sunlight between the forest and the ocean. We run twice as long as many other after school programs, and visit outdoor locations right by your child’s school!

Students will be grouped according to age and we will teach curriculum tailored to different age groups.


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After school programs

  • Grades 1-4

Check our after school programs section for participating schools in Metro Vancouver. Let us know if you want Sea Smart’s after school program in your school!

Summer day camps

  • Grades 1-8

Based outdoors at Acadia Beach in Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, Sea Smart’s summer camps are the best way to get kids' feet wet in the world of marine biology!

Sea Smart School programs

  • Kindergarten to Grade 12

Sea Smart comes to your school in Metro Vancouver to deliver exciting ocean education programs that fulfill the new BC Ministry of Education’s requirements!

Sea Smart School Parent Testimonal


Get your kids off screens and connected to nature! Your kids have so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning in Sea Smart's after school programs and summer camps! 


Sea Smart School Principal Testimonial


Sea Smart makes your life easier by coming to your school to deliver exciting school programs that fulfill the new BC Ministry of Education’s requirements! 



Empower youth to make the world a better place!

Sea Smart school programs, after school programs, and summer camps in Metro Vancouver get youth excited about our oceans and empower them to become environmental champions.

Created by Dr. Elaine Leung, a marine biologist with over 15 years of experience in conservation and education, Sea Smart's mission is to inspire hope in youth that they can make a positive impact on environmental issues.

Using fun, interactive games and activities, Sea Smart engages youth in Kindergarten to Grade 12 about ocean issues and inspires them with ideas about how to help. All programs have been designed to fulfill the new BC Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

Ride the wave with Sea Smart to share our passion for youth environmental education...the ripple effect to make the world a better place is absolutely amazing!

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or principal, check out our website and join our email list to find out how to bring Sea Smart school programs, after school programs, and summer camps to you in Metro Vancouver.


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Deepest thanks to our amazing partners; thanks for riding the wave with us to Sea the Change!