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Meet Dr. Elaine Leung


No oceans, no us!

Dr. Elaine Leung, or Dr. E as she’s known to her students, founded Sea Smart to inspire and empower youth to love and protect our oceans.

Youth are spending over half of their waking hours behind a tv, computer, tablet, or phone. They are losing their connection with nature and this is a problem because you only protect what you love. Dr. Leung created Sea Smart's school programs, after school programs, and summer camps to help youth foster curiosity and connection with nature.

Dr. Leung is an international speaker and expert on ocean issues. She has been featured in various media channels, including: Global TV, CTV, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, CBS, USA Today and Fairchild TV.

She has been able to inspire waves of change in the hearts and minds of thousands of people by:

  • Speaking at WE day in Vancouver to over 20,000 people

  • Providing recommendations for ministers at the G7 summit

  • Researching threatened marine animals for over 15 years with various governments, universities, non-profits, and industry around the world, including places such as:

    • Alaska: Investigating factors influencing the decline of Steller sea lions

    • BC: Measuring behavioural responses of Northern Resident killer whales to vessel traffic.

    • Antartica: Studying the ecology and demographics of seabirds, penguins, fur seals and elephant seals

    • Hawaii: Conducting population monitoring and management studies on the endangered Hawaiian monk seal

    • New Zealand: Conducting population monitoring and management studies on the worlds rarest sea lions

Sea Smart's programs inspire youth to love and respect our oceans and understand the roles they can play in protecting our planet. Through practical solutions and the latest information, kids get to see how even their smallest actions can make a huge impact on the world around them!

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