We empower youth to protect our oceans. How? By keeping kids wild.

Since our inception in 2016, Sea Smart has inspired thousands of young people across Canada - and the world - to foster a love, curiosity and connection with nature. Specifically, Sea Smart has:

  • Educated and empowered more than 25,000 students to love and protect our oceans

  • Become an Environment Canada G7 Task Force national partner in ocean education

  • Helped develop recommendations for G7 Ministers on various ocean issues at the G7 Summit

  • Launched an Ocean Plastics Education Kit for Canadian students, in partnership with the Government of Canada, Ocean School, Ocean Wise, Students on Ice and WE

  • Provided free online educator resources for over 30,000 students in seven countries (i.e., Canada, U.S., Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Belgium)

  • Supported SumofUS movement to help eliminate ocean-polluting plastic straws at McDonald’s

“I love Sea Smart! It’s so much fun and we learn that one person really can make a difference!”

- Alexa, 7