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Getting youth excited about our oceans!

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Why Sea Smart?

Using science to get youth excited about our oceans and environment is beneficial in many different aspects of their lives. At Sea Smart, we work with our Ocean Explorers so they can become leaders, problem solvers and world changers. We support young minds and encourage critical thinking, inquiry-based learning and teamwork - all while having lots of fun!

By learning about issues that face our oceans and environment, children will gain a deeper understanding of the role that each of us plays in the larger picture of conservation and keeping our planet healthy. Protecting our oceans can sometimes feel overwhelming, however, we work with our students to develop their own individual goals and actions that they can take to be part of the solution.


After School Programs


What’s New?

Since we have many returning Ocean Explorers each term, we make sure to cover new topics and always have a new curriculum. We are excited to introduce a brand new passport that our Ocean Explorers can use to track their increasing knowledge and progression through Sea Smart. Students who complete each term will also graduate with a brand new certificate to show their commitment to ocean conservation. To keep the conversation going on at home, we will be sending adults cool current event stories related to what we are learning in class.

What to Expect in Spring 2019

This spring, our after-school program called From Trees to Seas will take place outdoors and we will be learning all about the connections between forest and ocean ecosystems. Each of our classes will incorporate fun games and STEAM activities to keep students engaged while they make connections between topics such as the salmon lifecycle, the effect of sunlight and decomposers!


Summer Camps


Calling all ocean lovers and future marine biologists!

Join us in a fun and unforgettable beach adventure learning cool science about our oceans. Sea Smart’s outdoor summer camps get kids excited about our oceans and empower them to become environmental champions. This camp provides kids with the unique opportunity to explore our ocean at Acadia Beach, where they learn practical life skills and science while having fun. 


 School Workshops

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