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We are excited to be featured in media that showcase our messages of youth empowerment and ocean conservation! Below is a selection of media segments that star our founder Dr. Elaine Leung and Sea Smart’s work to power waves of change.

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who is sea smart?

Our Mission: To use fun, interactive games and activities to help youth understand the role they can play in protecting our oceans and environment, and inspire them to make a positive impact.

Sea Smart is an ocean education non-profit that empowers young people to become environmental champions. We deliver innovative and engaging science and ocean-based education programs.

  • Sea Smart’s innovative curriculum teaches kids about ocean issues with a hands-on, solutions-based approach — much needed at a time when environmental problems are overwhelming and it is easy to lose hope 

  • Creative solutions are needed to address today’s oceans issues. Sea Smart uses fun discovery games and activities to teach students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 about the threats facing our oceans, prompting them to brainstorm solutions to these challenges 

  • Kids need ocean heroes to look up to. Sea Smart’s founder, Dr. Elaine Leung, created Sea Smart to inspire hope and love for our oceans and empowers young people to make the world a better place


Who is behind sea smart?

Dr. Elaine Leung, marine biologist and founder of Sea Smart, along with her team of 40+ ocean educators, advisors and volunteers, create ripples of awareness to make big waves of change.

Through practical solutions and the latest information, kids get to see how even their smallest actions can make a huge impact on the world around them. 

Dr. Leung has over 15 years of experience as a marine biologist, working with various governments, universities, and non-profits. Her research on threatened marine animals has taken her around the world, including places like Alaska, Antarctica, BC, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Dr. Leung knows first-hand that our environment is facing many threats; over 30 of the species she has studied or interacted with will go extinct within her lifetime. 

Dr. Leung believes so strongly in the power of individual action to create positive change that she founded Sea Smart to inspire youth to love and respect our oceans and understand the roles they can play in protecting our planet. 


Our Highlights

  • We have taught over 25,000 people about plastic pollution and what they can do to help

  • Dr. Elaine Leung is an inspirational speaker who has spoken at events around the world, including WE Day Vancouver to over 20,000 people

  • In June 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched the international Ocean Plastics Charter and has made oceans health and plastic pollution a priority for its 2018 G7 Presidency. In partnership with the Government of Canada, Oceanwise, Students on Ice and WE, we launched an Ocean Plastics Education Kit for students! This kit engages students and teachers to increase awareness of the problems that marine plastic litter causes for our oceans and the environment, and empower them to develop solutions and take action

  • We offer hands-on, inquiry-based school programs, after-school programs, and summer camps at the beach