Sea Smart inspires youth to love and respect our oceans by connecting children to the environment, teaching them to respect the natural world, and helping to foster their connection to nature and how crucial its health is to their futures.

Studies show that it is important to connect young people to the natural world because it enhances their self-esteem, their physical and emotional fitness, and promotes their interest in the biological sciences. In addition, extracurricular activities enhance children’s sense of belonging and reduces the risk of children becoming involved with drugs, alcohol, crime or dropping out of school.

Additional information on the importance of connecting kids to nature can be found on the Children and Nature Network website.


Sea Smart is a non-profit that delivers innovative, engaging education programs based on science and current ocean issues to empower youth to be environmental champions in Metro Vancouver. Our team of marine biologists and oceanographers are passionate about youth education and environmental sustainability.

Sea Smart uses fun, hands-on games and activities to teach youth in Kindergarten to Grade 12 about current issues impacting our oceans and get them brainstorming solutions in our school programs, after school programs, and summer camps. Created by marine biologist Dr. Elaine Leung, Sea Smart helps youth understand the role they play in making the world a better place…all in a fun, educational program that fulfills the requirements of the new BC Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Help your kids build essential life skills such as creative thinking, personal awareness, and social responsibility, while gaining an awareness and appreciation of our incredible natural surroundings. 

No oceans, no us. Sea Smart’s innovative curriculum teaches youth about ocean issues with a solutions-based approach that is much needed in this day and age when environmental problems are overwhelming and it is easy to lose hope. Inspire your kids or students to get outdoors, become environmental champions and make a positive difference in the world in Sea Smart’s school programs, after school programs, and summer camps in Metro Vancouver.