Support Sea Smart

Sea Smart aims to inspire kids with the wonders of the natural world, and empower them to become environmental champions. By supporting us, you are helping to students get outside, learn about our oceans, and make the world a better place! Thank you for your support!


Why Support Sea Smart?

Sea Smart is creating huge waves of change: in only 1.5 years, we've educated almost 5000 students and have been nominated by the federal government as a national ocean education partner.

By partnering with Sea Smart you will:

  1. Empower students to get outdoors, become sustainability leaders and make the world a better place

  2. Make a noticeable impact on your local community

  3. Reach 5000+ households with kids

  4. Show your engagement towards education and environmental issues!


Corporate Sponsorship

We would love to work with you to meet your company’s priorities while ensuring our values are on the same wavelength. The world is our oyster and we are happy to co-develop creative ways to fulfill our mutual missions. 

Make a noticeable impact by contributing in a way that is meaningful to your company with any of the below examples: 

  • funding opportunities for operations and programs

  • event sponsorship

  • sponsoring a beach cleanup for a school or your organization

  • product donations

  • pro-bono services; e.g. graphic design, legal work, marketing strategies


Individual Contribution

Making a personal contribution to Sea Smart goes towards our Bursary Fund. Money from this fund is used to support children and families that would otherwise be unable to attend our programs.

Contributing to the Bursary Fund directly impacts a child’s life for the better. Thank you for your generous support!

Our Partners

All of our amazing partners below have committed to empowering the next generation of environmental champions! A huge thank you to them for showcasing themselves as socially responsible businesses!